Level CEO Tom Bixby Joins Panel on Disruption

June 8, 2016 - Level Management Partners' CEO Tom Bixby joined a distinguished expert panel discussing the ability for companies to disrupt their industries and competitors to gain market share and profits.

Ken Samuelson, Principal with The Morehead Group moderated the panel discussion organized by The Entrepreneurship Institute, a non-profit organization based in Columbus, Ohio providing business owners and professionals with opportunities to acquire the knowledge and access the resources needed to grow their companies and create new jobs in their communities.  Panel members included:

The event was hosted by Grant Thornton at their Charlotte, NC offices. GT CEO Mike McGuire was generous in sharing his time and his insight on market disruption and other aspects central to strategic growth. One particular notable insight was his recommendation for business owners to step outside their company to collect new ideas and approaches to accelerate growth. Growing a successful business is a marathon, but you don't always need to start at the beginning. Unlike in running competition, it isn't cheating if you begin your race to success near the finish line by learning and adopting great ideas from other successful businesses.

Matt Bradbury kicked off the panel by leading a very effective group exercise designed to get the audience engaged in disruptive thinking.  Each of the panelists shared examples of businesses they worked with who succeeded in disrupting their markets.

Bixby was asked to share his thoughts on the key initial steps to forge a market disruption strategy. His answer is presented in the short video below.